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I cried for approximately two full days when I found out that my family’s planned trip to Disney World conflicted with the school play, the absolutely timeless classic Stone Soup, and I had to drop out. I guess that was about the time both my parents and I realized I was destined to be an actor. What 6 year old would rather skip the trip to Disney World than not grace her kindergarten stage!?


As a born & raised North Jersey girl, I was fortunate enough to have parents who, although they made me go to Disney World, supported my career fully, always driving me to auditions and classes in New York City all throughout my adolescence, which made the transition to the city after graduating from Montclair State University with my BFA in Acting, not so daunting. 


Those same parents who have always supported me also happen to run a cemetery. (Weird, I know, right?) People love to say they grew up with a cemetery so close to their home, it was like it was their backyard. Well, the cemetery IS my backyard. And front yard. And side yard.  Although I have since moved out, and in with my lovely partner, I still work part time at the cemetery, which has been the backdrop of my entire life. So much so, I wrote/produced/acted in a short film about it, which recently secured a distribution deal and will be available on major streaming platforms soon! I am currently developing a feature length film inspired by it all, so keep an eye out for that. 


When not acting or running around a cemetery, I practice & teach yoga (to both kids & adults), play tennis, and take lots of baths. 


Thanks for stopping by!


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