little fighter films


I am the owner of little fighter films, as well as a team member of NJ based film production company Writer in the Dark.


You can now watch my film, the blue light stays on, on multiple streaming platforms.

Developing Cemetery Girl, a feature film I'm writing. 

Writing an early draft of short film/proof of concept How To Die In New Jersey, alongside Alejandro Hernandez.



Two young women find themselves in a situation that neither is equipped to handle. Set against the backdrop of a peaceful cemetery on a summer's afternoon, this short film explores the sometimes accidental connections we make. 

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this film is available for streaming on Amazon Prime (US + UK), SOfy, Fearless TV, Filmocracy Reel Women's Network, + UK Film Channel NOW!!



Unable to commit to a serious relationship at a young age, Ben keeps his best friend Molly at a distance. After their relationship inevitably hits a wall and he sees her once again years later, Ben is forced to reconcile with the decisions he made in his past that ultimately shaped his entire future.