Little Fighter Films, LLC

​ looks to produce work that centers around complex female leads, usually with New Jersey as the backdrop.


Pre-Production. Shooting in May 2023.

Written by Paige Sciarrino

Directed by Amanda Pinto

Executive Produced by Normal Ave

Chaotic Cori Vitale returns home from LA to her small New Jersey hometown to work at her family's cemetery. 

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Where The Light Enters 
short film (2022)

Official selections (as of October 2022)

Early selection NJ Film Awards (Best Drama Short, Best Editing), New York Short Film Festival

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2022/2023 Festival circuit submissions have begun. 

Written by Paige Sciarrino

Directed by Paige Sciarrino

Mary is an actress who recently suffered third degree burns that left visible scars on her her hands, neck, and face and is now trying to find her place again in a looks-driven industry while battling the voice inside her head.

Cemetery Girl
feature film screenplay (2020)


Official selections:

Semi Finalist at the Big Apple Film & Screenplay Competition

After a mysterious meltdown in Los Angeles, 28 year old Cori Vitale is out of money and out of options. She returns to her small New Jersey hometown where she must decide whether or not to leave her visual artist dreams in LA or take over the family business: a cemetery.

Old patterns are tested, the front lines of loss are examined, and the question of whether or not evolving equates to failure are explored in this feature film seen through the eyes of an almost 30 year old woman who thought she already had it all figured out.

the blue light stays on
short film

Official selections:

Big Apple FF, Garden State FF, NJ Film Awards, Newark Short Films, Reale FF

Accolades: Best Actress Nominee, Best Supporting Actress, Best Female Filmmaker, Best Original Idea

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Written by Paige Sciarrino

Directed by Allison Andresini

Starring Paige Sciarrino and Elena Barone

Two young women find themselves in a situation that neither is equipped to handle. Set against the backdrop of a peaceful cemetery on a summer's afternoon, this short film explores the sometimes accidental connections we make. 

short film

Official selections:

Golden Door Int FF, Adirondak FF, St. Lawrence Int FF, Miami Independent FF, Womens Only Entertainment FF


Written by Paige Sciarrino

Directed by Steven Flores

Starring Paige Sciarrino and Tony Knotts

Unable to commit to a serious relationship at a young age, Ben keeps his best friend Molly at a distance. After their relationship inevitably hits a wall and he sees her once again years later, Ben is forced to reconcile with the decisions he made in his past that ultimately shaped his entire future.